The Abundance of Clean Water

What Attracts People to North Idaho?

Everyone who moves to North Idaho is naturally motivated for a personal reason. It may be for a safer environment for their family or to just get out of an overcrowded city. It may be a dream they’ve carried while making a living elsewhere. Perhaps its lower taxes or even a job that motivates such a move. I can honestly report however, that the most commonly expressed reason for moving here from the non-residents I talk to regarding real estate is our great abundance of fresh water resources.

This fall view is a changing daily scenic from the BitRanch property parcels on Coeur d'Alene Lake.

This fall view is a changing daily scenic from the BitRanch property parcels on Coeur d’Alene Lake.

Worsening Droughts Predicted Elsewhere

Just yesterday (February 13, 2015) News Week’s Science column posted a prediction that global warming will result in the worst drought conditions in history in already stricken Southern California, Texas and other mid-western states. With many lakes and reservoirs nearly depleted, towns and cities in those regions are in danger of drying up: no water for anyone, according to the article.

We’ve all seen photos of depleted reservoirs and read news reports of drought conditions and their horrible effect on the inhabitants and economic environments of those states affected.

As a Realtor, and I’m sure this is common among my colleagues, I quite often hear the openly expressed concerns about the availability of water in states where they currently reside. Serious drought conditions elsewhere do, indeed, inspire a rather mobile US to consider picking up and moving on to regions like North Idaho where drinking water and recreational use of water are not concerns.

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