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My Purpose for this Tab

My intended purpose for this page is to show you graphically and literally where various amenities and services are located, including their phone numbers. One of my favorite sporting goods stores, Black Sheep in Coeur d’Alene is posted here as an example.

Black Sheep Sporting Goods Store, CdA


This feature will be a kind of bibliographic directory, which will take time to build, of course. I will break it into sections with sub-tab headings as it begins to fill up. But this is not an ordinary directory in that I’m providing visuals and maps to assist you, even video on occasion.

Here’s the kind of map I will provide for each location

I will bring profile information, reviews and video interviews with some of the experts I feature here. You’ll find foresters, attorneys, architects, home builders, civic leaders and so on and be able to see where their offices are located on the maps I provide.

I’ll feature all of the title companies, all of the real estate offices, the assessors, appraisers and property-maintenance people. As time goes on, you’ll find every lender and lending office, the locations of banks and bank branches too.

I’ll show you the locations of schools, shopping centers, and stores you might need, from sporting goods and farm supplies to groceries and clothes.

I’ll also feature most of the restaurants I find interesting and provide you with a food plate view of the type of food you might find there along with a short review of the atmosphere and service you might expect. Don’t worry, if it’s not worth a visit, I won’t write about it.

Every feature will have an identifying photograph of the person or office or building. I know you can understand that it takes time to accomplish all of this, but the purpose is to make it easier for you to find the people you’ll need when you come to North Idaho.

As I am able, I’ll subdivide this ongoing bibliography into secondary tabs to allow you to go directly to the professional or place you hope to find.

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